The Lore

In an alternate timeline, where magic is commonplace among the world, World War I sees the creation and use of the some of the deadliest weapons the world has ever seen. The machine gun, the tank, artillery and poisonous gas all pale in comparison to the greatest power in the world: Magic. The first large scale implementation of magic for war saw powerful war-mages fighting in the trenches, massive enchanted mechanized constructs roaming the battlefield, and the industrialization of Mana to create massive war-factories and enchanted technologies which would have taken centuries to develop without. These turbulent times were ended when during the 1916 Battle of Verdun a massive arcane calamity caused by the unrestricted deployment of magic on the battlefield unleashed a humongous fountain of magical energy through the earth, devastating the surrounding landscape, and disintegrating all 300,000 men of the German and French forces present.

The nations of the world soon found that the rift allowed them access to an unlimited magical power, and this new found power source ushered the world into 100 years of peace and prosperity.  But now, some dark fortune is weakening the magic, and the energy is running out.  Two Factions will vie for control of what is left of the Magic while a faction of unknown madmen unravel their plans for the world in the shadows…



Primary Force

Industrialists and “modern” wizards who believe that the remaining magical energy should be used to enhance Human technological advances until the source of Magic runs out.


Primary Force

Magical Purists and those who sympathize with them, believe that the Magical Energy should be preserved for “Pure Magic” and used sparingly, leaving the rest of Humanity to struggle in an energy crisis


Guerrilla Faction

Information about this faction has been struck from all known Technocrat records and Sorcerer’s Scrolls. Attend Pandemonium 2018 to learn more or to join this group.


What began as peaceful debate has heated to the point of ARMED CONFLICT, the Consortium of Man (Ref-Staff) will adjudicate regulated battle between these two factions over the war-torn ruins of Once Verdun, while mad men in the background whisper of a new order…