What is Pandemonium?

Pandemonium is a brand new scenario paintball event written, ran, and organized by BS Paintball Productions, and hosted at D-Day Adventure Park.

The event features a three-faction battle across the war-torn miasma of magical energy and battle scarred land that was once Verdun, France.

The event will feature a game-impacting Magic The Gathering tournament, spells, curses, airstrikes, artillery, trading, a cosplay contest, food, camping, a player party, paintball tanks, music and more!

Pandemonium’s event coordinator is Kedrinh “Stretch” Helms, and the game writers are Jon “Rev” Nakata, Matt “Bunker” Slinkard, and Wade Kole Yancey.

Pandemonium 2018 is set to take place on April 7th-8th at D-Day Adventure Park. Participants may arrive Friday April 6th and spend the night if they so wish.

ADDRESS: 66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK 74370


Those wishing to only participate in the Magic The Gathering portions of the game may purchase a $15 Magic-Only Registration



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Have any questions, want to find other players, or want to learn more about the event? Click here to navigate to our Official Facebook Group!

The Lore & Factions

In an alternate timeline, where magic is commonplace among the world, World War I sees the creation and use of the some of the deadliest weapons the world has ever seen. The machine gun, the tank, artillery and poisonous gas all pale in comparison to the greatest power in the world: Magic. The first large scale implementation of magic for war saw powerful war-mages fighting in the trenches, massive enchanted mechanized constructs roaming the battlefield, and the industrialization of Mana to create massive war-factories and enchanted technologies which would have taken centuries to develop without. These turbulent times were ended when during the 1916 Battle of Verdun a massive arcane calamity caused by the unrestricted deployment of magic on the battlefield unleashed a humongous fountain of magical energy through the earth, devastating the surrounding landscape, and disintegrating all 300,000 men of the German and French forces present.

The nations of the world soon found that the rift allowed them access to an unlimited magical power, and this new found power source ushered the world into 100 years of peace and prosperity.  But now, some dark fortune is weakening the magic, and the energy is running out.  Two Factions will vie for control of what is left of the Magic while a faction of unknown madmen unravel their plans for the world in the shadows…


Primary Force

Industrialists and “modern” wizards who believe that the remaining magical energy should be used to enhance Human technological advances until the source of Magic runs out.


Primary Force

Magical Purists and those who sympathize with them, believe that the Magical Energy should be preserved for “Pure Magic” and used sparingly, leaving the rest of Humanity to struggle in an energy crisis


Guerrilla Faction

Information about this faction has been struck from all known Technocrat records and Sorcerer’s Scrolls. Attend Pandemonium 2018 to learn more or to join this group.


What began as peaceful debate has heated to the point of ARMED CONFLICT, the Consortium of Man (Ref-Staff) will adjudicate regulated battle between these two factions over the war-torn ruins of Once Verdun, while mad men in the background whisper of a new order…


The Field

Battle will take place across the massive, battle-scared, magical miasma that was once Verdun, France.


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Game Elements

Some notable game-play elements include:

  • Paintball “Tanks” for this event play the role of “Constructs”, which are giant enchanted beasts of steel and stone or massive living war-machines created by the mages of the Great War. All tanks start “neutral”, meaning they engage all players, until they are fed “fuel cards” by a faction, at which point the construct fights for that faction for a duration of time, taking on a special “construct personality” which grants the vehicle special buffs such as an extra marker, additional lives, or short term invulnerability. Tanks for this event must comply with D-Day Adventure Park tank rules, which will be available soon.
  • Mana Artifacts: Scavenger objects of varying sizes scattered across the battlefield. These Mana Artifacts can be retrieved by players of each of the two primary factions and turned into their faction deadzones in exchange for “Mana Points” for their side and deployable ability cards the player can activate on the field.
  • Ability Cards: Deployable abilities that may be traded for by players through turning in objects, scoring points, or won for their side during a Magic The Gathering Duel. Abilities include various Curses, Artillery Strikes, Airship Barrages, Spells, and more. Some abilities’ effectiveness will scale off a dice roll, performed by a referee at the time of deployment. A complete list will be revealed in the coming weeks.
  • Construct Personalities: When a construct is “fed” by a faction, the faction may choose a personality for the vehicle to take on for the duration of time that vehicle fights for that side. Personalities will be very creative, diverse, and balanced. A complete list will be revealed in the coming weeks.Construct Personality Sneak Peak: SOUL REAPER – THE WAR MACHINE HUNGERS. THE DEPLOYING FACTION MAY SACRIFICE A PLAYER TO THE MACHINE, ADDING THEM AND THEIR MARKER TO THE MACHINE’S CREW FOR THE DURATION OF THE ABILITY.

Complete official scenario rule sets will be added soon. Some other game features are listed below.

Magic the Gathering Tournament

This event will feature a pitched Magic The Gathering tournament that has REAL WORLD consequences on the flow and tide of the game. The Tournaments will take place at the same time as the mini-games and will allow players from each faction to score “mana” for their side, win specialty spell cards for players to cast on the field, or win the allegiance of armored vehicles for their side for a duration of play.

The Tournament hall will be in the vendor area, transportation off the field will be available, and cold drinks and snacks will be available as well. If you get tired on the field and need to take a break, come off the field, grab a snack, and duel other players in the air-conditioning instead.

All registered players may participate in the tournament and the mini-games daily.

If you wish to only play in the Magic Tournament and not the mini-games, a Magic-Only ticket is available for $15

*Tournament Rules Coming Soon*


“Anti-Tank” players are players who are orientated and equiped to knock out bunkers, airships/planes, and constructs on the playing field. All factions players who wish to play “Anti-Tank” roles will have a choice between two unit types with the following traits and restrictions:


“Battle Mages”

Battle Mages are powerful casters who have proved their worth in combat during the Great War, knocking out lumbering war machines, massive battle tanks, and destroying fortresses with powerful spells. The equipment of a Battle Mage is simple: a sidearm and a mage’s staff.

Battle Mages fire a unique color of AT Paint from their pistols and must score a hit on a vehicle’s “kill stickers” to eliminate the construct.

There will be a contest for the player who creates the most creative and epic mage’s staff during the player party.

Battle Mage’s must adhere to the following rules:

(1.) Battle Mages must carry a paintball pistol with standard capacity magazines for their Anti-Tank Marker.

(2.) Battle Mages must have a “Mage’s Staff” which must be decorated with some kind of “focus item” which allows the mage to focus their power. Items can be just about anything the mage wants, and staffs can be decorated and made as creatively as the player wishes. Some focus item examples include: orbs, jewels, crystals, snow-globes, and skulls.


“Construct Busters”

Construct Busters are descended from traditional missile-men from the armies of the World-That-Was. They use equipment ranging from ancient “Bazookas” and “Piats” to magically enhanced, steam-powered, rail-guns of extreme fire-power.

AT-Weapons fire a unique color of AT Paint and must score a hit on a vehicle’s “kill stickers” to eliminate the construct.

There will be a contest during player party for the player with the most creative marker design.

Construct Busters’ markers must adhere to the following rules:

(1.) Markers MUST be made to resemble some form of real-world or fantasy anti-tank weapon.
Real World Examples:
Bazooka, Panzerfaust, RPG-7, PIAT
Fantasy Examples: Gauss Rifle, Steam Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Las-Cannon

(2.) Markers be made to have a minimum length of 39 Inches.
*Note: this does not mean barrel length, but overall length. Most players who build AT weapons put markers in PVC Tubes to resemble Bazooka tubes

(3.) Markers may only have a 10 Round Capacity, firing from a traditional “10 Round Tube”